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I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to build a soundproof studio.


I started out playing in bands throughout my 20's, but after moving to Nashville I became interested in producing, mixing and recording. I built up a business out of a spare room in my house, but eventually wanted to build a soundproof studio in my backyard.

Fast forward to 2020 when I read Rod Gervais's book, Home Recording Studio: Build It Like The Pros, cover to cover and began building my own soundproof studio. After months and months of research, frustration and headaches, I knew I wanted to make the process easier for other people.

During the build I wasted thousands of dollars troubleshooting things I didn’t fully understand yet. On top of that, I wasted hundreds of hours researching and second guessing my design and build because not only was I trying to design the studio myself I was also trying to build it myself.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did and I don’t want you to lose any money from those mistakes.

This led to the creation of soundproof your studio where I teach others how to build soundproof studios. My goal is to make the process easy, smooth and dare I say fun so you get the soundproof/acoustically treated home studio you have always dreamed of.

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