Where To Buy Soundproofing Supplies In Europe

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Many Europeans in our community have commented that it is hard to source the right materials in Europe. In this article I will share some resources that I recommend for our European friends. 


1) What materials do you really need?

If you go to most soundproofing store websites they will have dozens of soundproofing supplies. The truth is you don't need much if you are building a soundproof room. Most of the stuff they sell is not really necessary, but does make them money. 

Here are the supplies you definitely will need: 

  • Acoustic Sealant (Caulk)
  • Putty Pads
  • Door Seals

Here are the supplies that you might need: 

  • Green Glue
  • Isolation Clips
  • Hat Channels (Furring Channels)
  • MLV
  • Wall Sway Bracing Clips (For Double Wall Designs)

Everything else you see on their websites, in my opinion, is not needed for soundproofing a room. Pretty easy right? So in my reviews of these different online stores these were the materials I was looking for. 


2) Noise STOP Systems

Noise Stop Systems is based out of the UK. They supply: 

  • Acoustic Iso Clips
  • Hat Channels
  • Acoustic Sealant
  • Acoustic Putty

They do not have any door seals. I would recommend them as a possible choice for your soundproof supplier. 


3) The Soundproofing Store

They are another UK store. They supply: 

  • Reducto Clip 
  • Hat Channels
  • Acoustic Sealant 
  • Door Bottom Seals
  • Acoustic Putty Pads

If you need to get door bottom seals I would recommend this store. They are a good option since you can get pretty much everything you need from them. 


4) Acoustic Block

This is, you guessed it, another UK based soundproofing company. They supply: 

  • Acoustic Sealant 
  • Putty Pads

I would only go with this store if the price is right. They don't have what most people will need. 


5) Soundproof Cow

Now this is an American company, but they do ship internationally. However, you must call them for international orders. They supply: 

  • Green Glue
  • Acoustic Clips
  • Angled Acoustic Clips (for double wall assemblies)
  • Door Seals and Sweeps


6) Mason Industries

When it comes to soundproofing products Mason Industries is the highest quality. I recommend their WIC isolation clip or DNSB clip for heavier wall and door assemblies. These clips are excellent choices as a sway brace for your double wall assembly. They have dealers in Europe where you can buy their products. 


The main takeaway is to remember that most soundproofing stores what to sell you stuff. They can't make money off of telling you the best way to soundproof just the way that uses their materials. Be wary of any supplier saying you need a ton of materials when you know you don't.