Unlock Superior Sound: Discover the Most Underrated Acoustic Panel

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When setting up a recording studio or any sound-sensitive environment, the focus often falls on traditional acoustic treatments like foam panels and bass traps. However, one powerful and versatile tool tends to be overlooked: the acoustic gobo. If you haven't incorporated gobos into your acoustic strategy, you're missing out on an essential element that can drastically improve your sound quality and flexibility. Let's explore what gobos are, their benefits, and how to effectively use them in your space.

What are Acoustic Gobos?

Acoustic gobos, also known as go-betweens or sound baffles, are portable panels used to control sound reflections and reduce noise. Typically, they consist of a wooden frame filled with sound-absorbing materials like fiberglass or mineral wool, covered with a fabric exterior. Unlike fixed acoustic panels, gobos can be moved and positioned as needed, offering unparalleled flexibility in managing sound within a space.

The Benefits of Acoustic Gobos

  1. Versatility in Sound Control: Gobos can be strategically placed around a room to create custom sound environments. Whether you need to isolate a vocal recording or reduce reflections in a drum room, gobos can be moved and adjusted to suit the specific needs of the session.

  2. Improved Sound Isolation: In a busy recording environment, gobos help isolate sound sources, preventing bleed between microphones. This is particularly useful in live recording settings where multiple instruments are recorded simultaneously.

  3. Enhanced Acoustic Quality: By reducing unwanted reflections and controlling room acoustics, gobos help achieve a cleaner, more professional sound. They can also be used to create a more intimate recording space, enhancing the warmth and clarity of vocals and instruments.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to permanent acoustic treatments, gobos are a cost-effective option for improving sound quality. They provide significant acoustic benefits without the need for extensive construction or installation.

  5. Portability and Flexibility: One of the most significant advantages of gobos is their portability. They can be easily moved around the studio or taken to different recording locations, making them a valuable asset for any mobile recording setup.

How to Use Acoustic Gobos Effectively

  1. Isolating Instruments and Vocals: Place gobos around microphones to create isolated recording zones. This technique is particularly effective for isolating vocals, drums, or amplifiers from other sound sources in the room.

  2. Controlling Room Reflections: Position gobos at key reflection points to absorb sound and reduce echoes. This can help create a more controlled acoustic environment, ideal for critical listening and recording.

  3. Creating Custom Acoustic Spaces**: Use gobos to define different acoustic zones within a larger room. For example, you can create a dry, controlled space for vocals and a more live, reflective area for drums, all within the same studio.

  4. Reducing Noise Spill: In multi-use spaces or shared environments, gobos can help reduce noise spill between different areas. This is especially useful in home studios where space is limited and multiple activities occur simultaneously.

  5. Enhancing Live Performances: Gobos aren't just for the studio. They can also be used in live performance settings to manage stage acoustics, reduce feedback, and improve the overall sound quality for both performers and the audience.

Another fantastic use for gobos is as bass traps in corners, leveraging the quarter wavelength rule to effectively manage low-frequency buildup. The quarter wavelength rule states that to effectively absorb a particular frequency, an acoustic panel should be placed at a distance from the wall that is one-quarter of the wavelength of that frequency. By placing gobos in the corners of your room, you can target and reduce problematic bass frequencies that often accumulate in these areas. This dual functionality makes gobos a highly efficient choice for comprehensive sound control. Additionally, many gobos come equipped with wheels, adding a layer of convenience. Not only does this mobility allow for easy repositioning to adapt to different recording scenarios, but it also offers practical storage solutions. You can store cables, mic stands, or other equipment behind them, keeping your studio organized without compromising on acoustic quality. This versatility and practicality make gobos an indispensable tool for any recording environment.


Acoustic gobos are an underrated yet incredibly powerful tool for anyone serious about sound quality. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and portability make them an essential addition to any soundproofing strategy. By incorporating gobos into your setup, you can unlock superior sound and take your recordings to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, don't overlook the impact that these unassuming panels can have on your acoustic environment.