Reaction - The MOST Effective Way to Soundproof any Room

acoustic cauk beginner soundproofing home theater hvac putty pads sonopan soundproof ceiling soundproof door soundproof wall soundproofing Dec 04, 2023

This week I am doing something a little different. I had a member of our community reach out and ask me to do a reaction video to Home RenoVision's youtube video "The MOST Effective Way to Soundproof any Room." Well, after the watching the video I knew this member was right. I had to chime in on what made know sense in this widely watched video. 

This video goes over: 

  • Why I think Sonopan is a waste of money
  • Putty Pads
  • Insulation Type and R Value
  • Decoupling Walls and Ceiling
  • Using Acoustic Caulk
  • Best lighting for soundproofing
  • Soundproof HVAC Soffits
  • Soundproof Door fail
  • Ultimate take on this renovation





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